Catholicism + Climate Science

My faith has become an integral part of my identity as a climate scientist in training. Remaining mindful of my waste, conscious of who climate change disproportionately affects, and invested in the preservation of our oceans gives me motivation to further explore the role microbes play in the global carbon cycle. 

At my local parish, a few other research scientists and myself have established a "Care for Our Common Home" group. We regularly meet to discuss and implement ways to make our parish and workplaces more sustainable, increase awareness of the Catholic stance on environmental change, and be more contemplative in action.

I'm enthusiastic and open to collaboration to make the vision of Laudato Sí a reality and conversations about Catholic social teaching on the environment. 

What is Laudato Sí?

Laudato Sí is the first encyclical written by Pope Francis addressed to all people of the world. Published in 2015, Pope Francis called attention to the climate crisis and how we have a moral responsibility to care for creation. 

What can I do?

Increase recycling efforts at your local parish or workplace.

Teach Laudato Sí and recycling to young students in religious education programs.

Meet with your clergy to discuss options for investing in renewable energy sources.

Write to a bishop emphasizing the importance of measurable change to accomplish the goals of Laudato Sí.

Eliminate single use waste from large scale events.

Invest in reusable dishes and assemble dishwashing teams.

Read the encyclical.

Encourage Laudato Sí study groups to increase awareness of Catholic social teaching and the environment.

Answering Pope Francis’ urgent call in Laudato Si, I pledge to:

• Pray for and with creation

• Live more simply

• Advocate to protect our common home.

Stay tuned for an upcoming lesson on integral ecology for religious education or parochial schools!